The Best New Restaurants In NYC


The Best New Restaurants In NYC – Wondering where you should be eating in New York City right now? You’re in the right place. The Infatuation Hit List is your guide to the city’s best new restaurants. And when we say “best new restaurants,” we mean it. Because we’ve tried every single one of these places – and we’ve also left off countless spots that simply aren’t as worthy of your time and money.

The Hit List is our record of every restaurant that’s opened in the past year that we’d highly recommend you try. This guide is sorted chronologically, so at the top you’ll find our latest entries to this list (the newest spots), and as you keep scrolling you’ll find the places that are on the older side – but are great enough that we still haven’t stopped talking about them.

New to The Hit List (as of 3/12): Legacy Records, La Mercerie, The Bombay Bread Bar

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Legacy Records

This is the new restaurant in Hudson Yards from the people behind Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones, and, like those other spots, the food is excellent, and it’s upscale without feeling uptight. It’s a great-looking space with high-ceilings, leather-topped tables, and some alcoves that are perfect for groups – and, despite the fancy wine glasses and top-notch service, you can wear whatever you want here. It’s a little pricey, however, so you’ll probably want to come for a somewhat special occasion. Make a reservation, and be sure to get the duck pasta, a few kinds of crudo, and the housemade gelato.

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La Mercerie

La Mercerie is a cafe in the front of a high-end furniture store in the part of Soho where you see people lined up for the latest streetwear, and they recently started serving lunch and dinner. The mostly-French menu has salads, crepes, and steak tartare – and the food is excellent. So stop by and have a lunch meeting here. Or buy a $2,000 bed in the adjoining furniture store, then sit down and eat some smoked salmon blinis to celebrate. A meal here won’t be cheap, but it will impress whoever you need to impress. Just be sure to make a reservation if you don’t want to risk waiting.


 The Bombay Bread Bar


The big wood-burning oven in the middle of Bombay Bread Bar is painted like a tiger head, and everyone in the restaurant can watch as the chefs throw different types of bread into its mouth. These naans and rotis are the focus at Bombay Bread Bar (which is in the space that used to be Paowalla), a new Indian spot in Soho. They’re all very good, and work great as vehicles for the sauces in small plates like three chili chicken and mushroom upma polenta, which tastes like cheesy grits topped with mushrooms. The larger entrees are a bit pricey for the portion sizes, but the small plates are all shareable and affordable, and the bar area and open dining room are cool places to hang out. This place works well for casual-ish dates and group dinners in Soho.

 South Of The Clouds

South Of The Clouds is a casual spot in Greenwich Village that specializes in mixian – rice noodles from the Yunnan province of China. The small menu has five noodle options, which are served dry or in a rich chicken broth that’s been cooked for many hours, along with a few appetizers. We liked almost everything on the menu – especially the spicy bites of fried pork shoulder and the cold noodles with minced pork – and left very full for about $20 per person. This is one of the better new options for a quick and affordable lunch or dinner in Manhattan.

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 General Deb’s

General Deb’s is a new Sichuan restaurant in Bushwick from the same people behind Faro, an Italian spot nearby. But unlike that place, General Deb’s is small, dimly-lit, and crowded with maybe one more table than there should be, as well as people sharing wontons in chili oil, pickled vegetables, and noodles. Most things on the menu are both very good and pretty spicy (although the wontons could have used a little more chili oil), so if you enjoy the slow burn of Sichuan peppercorn that sometimes makes your glass of water taste like it’s vibrating, you’ll like the food here. Overall, it’s a great addition to the neighborhood.

Simon & The Whale

 The Freehand Hotel hasn’t been open long, but it’s already the sort of place where you’ll run into someone you used to date, your old boss, a person you follow on Instagram, or all of the above. Simon & The Whale is the second restaurant here (the first is Studio, which also made it to our Hit List), and it’s where you should be eating if you like busy, good-looking places, with excellent food. Reservations are currently pretty tough to get, but there’s a bar on the second floor where you can wait if you decide to try walking in. Once you get seated, order the zeppole and arctic char, and go for the pork collar Milanese if you like large, fried-and-breaded pieces of meat. We like the food here a little more than the stuff at Studio, and we’re fans of the dark, well-designed space. Bring a date, or come with a friend or two.

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