6 Most Beautiful Place To see tulips in the Netherlands


6 Most Beautiful Place To see tulips in the Netherlands – Back again with lifestyle do more, this time we discuss Which place, the hell, the most beautiful look at the stretch of tulips flowers fit spring in the Netherlands? Almost certainly the answer most answered by the majority of people is Keukenhof Gardens. not so astonished, because of the very beautiful seven derivatives! But the time is only here we can see tulips? lifestyle do more has a recommendation some other places you can visit if you want to enjoy the beauty of blooming tulips in the Netherlands!

1. Hortus Botanical Garden

In the small town of Limmen, there is the oldest university in Holland that has a botanical garden. Although the size is not as big as Keukenhof Gardens, this park has a collection of various types of tulips that are not just saucy, but also rare. Established in 1594, Hortus Botanical Garden was first taken care of by the most popular botanist of his time, Carolus Clusius. Mr. Clusius is the one who brought the seeds of tulips to be planted here.

2. Dam Square

When all of Europe is still afflicted by cold winter, tulip flower season in the Netherlands actually started since January. Hence, in this month there is also a name of the National Tulip Day. In this day, there are more than 200,000 flower tulips grown in Dam Square, Amsterdam. Not just for decoration, but anyone free to take the interest. FREE! So must be noted, if you plan to make a holiday to the Netherlands fitting in January.

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3. Noordoostpolder

If the streets in the park are not satisfied it seems to you, if not visit Noordoostpolder. In the area where there are so many flower farms, you can just pick up the tulips that you like and take home. Yes, take, not just look. Less fun! But if this one paid, yes, not like in Dam Square. Some of the gardens that are here also offer a tour for the tourists, you know. Want cooler again? Rent bicycle continues exploring the beauty of this city from all angles.

4. Lisse

Although the Keukenhof Gardens are most famous here, it turns out that Lisse also has hundreds of gardens that supply tulip flowers to be sent to various countries. Oath, really cool! In addition to making beautiful into the background photo, tulip flowers of various colors are also making anyone lazy to go everywhere else. But remember where your feet go, yes, do not step on its interest. Make a sale again


5. Noordwijkerhout

One more, here, the area that has the tulip gardens of flowers is the most beautiful of the Netherlands. Being between Leiden and Haarlem, Noordwijkerhout is known to the Dutch as de Duin en Boolenstreek which means a region of dunes and tulips. The reason? Because this area is near the beach and famously the same tulip flower beds. Anyway, if you want to enjoy a relaxed and quiet holiday in the middle of the European countryside while surrounded by tulip flower gardens that again bloom, must make come here!

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6. Bloemenmarkt

Visit the park can only see the flowers only, but want to go to the flower garden outside Amsterdam to take the tulip flowers not have time. Uh, do not worry, man. Just drop by Bloemenmarkt. The latest flower market in Amsterdam is selling all kinds of beautiful flowers are not matching. Want tulip flowers? Many! Want more flowers? Oh, definitely there!

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