10 Amazing Places in Rio de Janeiro brazil


10 Amazing Places in Rio de Janeiro brazil – Back again with lifestyle do more. Do not just the thought of football or waxing alone if again discussing Brazil !. The country he says is friendly (as well as beautiful or handsome). In Rio de Janeiro itself, there are many cool places that are not known to many people. It’s really good, for you who want to be anti-mainstream during the holidays!


1. Largo do Boticário


This building looks like it’s not because of the creeping vines, but Largo do Boticario is a historic neoclassical building, you know. Its unique architecture and colorful paint are perfect for your photo objects.


2. Real Gabinete Portugues da Leitura

You who do not like to read books must be diligent to read once entered into a place that means Reading Room of the Kingdom of Portugal). Located in downtown Rio, the place is renowned for its cool architecture, complete collection of books, and includes the largest library outside of Portugal.


3. Mangueira’s Palacio de Samba

You know, if Brazil is famous for the Samba dance? Well, in September, Samba Mangueira School is again busy-busy exercises for the carnival in February. Their training sessions are open to the public every Saturday night. Here you can meet many friendly locals and see how cool their colorful costumes are. Exciting!

4. Parque Lage

Has appeared in his video clip Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas, and Pharrell Williams, Parque Lage resembles a jet-set of resorts that blend with nature. The white Mansion has turned the functionality into a public park and an art school, and the views of Corcovado’s mountain foot make it the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer. Intragenic!

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5. Grave São João Batista

Grave this one is artistic and not impressed scary (probably because of the ghost shape is different). Here you can see various forms of gravestones and tombs showing how diverse cultures in Brazil are. There are neo-classical, eclectic, neo-gothic, even art deco! Oh yes, this cemetery is also the final resting place of many Brazilian presidents, celebrities, and famous musicians. Well, I have to come here.

6. Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro

Often called the Cathedral de São Sebastião, this building is one of the cathedrals with its unusual shape. Instead of a place of worship, the cathedral is more like a futuristic beehive of the future. Surely it looks plain, but inside you can see the walls of 60 meters tall decorated with colorful stained glass.

7. Ilha Fiscal

A bit far from the city of Rio de Janeiro, there is a small island called Ilha Fiscal in Guanabara cape. What’s so special about this island? Apparently, that’s where the last celebration date lasts before Brazil changes from imperial to republic. You can see the neo-gothic palace which is now the cultural center where various art exhibitions are held.

8. Prainha

Prainha which means “Little Beach” is the target of surfers from all over the world. Although the place is hard to reach, this place is really nice to relax without being disturbed by too many tourists. The white sand and the stomach sight from the boxes from the surfer’s brother make everyone’s eyes so entertained!

9. Arco de Teles

Incomplete holiday flavor without stopping to the local culinary area. The area is marked by a curved gate leading to a beautiful rocky path. After some roads, on both sides of the road there are many bars and restaurants with affordable prices, you know! You can stop by to taste the Brazilian food as well as to see a live Samba show that makes you want to rock.

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10. Cachoeira do Horto

Looking for a natural? in Rio de Janeiro is not difficult, really. If you go to the Tijuca forest area about an hour from downtown, you can find the gorgeous waterfall Cachoeira do Horto. Although small, tall ornate decorations around it make you feel at home here all day. Do not forget to dive, yes. The water is very fast, you know!

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