Wary Of Selling Customer Data


Wary Of Selling Customer Data – Recently discovered the business of purchasing and selling data bank customers through the website. You naturally feel anxious when you hear this. This will be the security of personal data stored in the bank. To predict this, you can make every effort to reduce your risk.

The existence of the practice of buying and selling data would be very detrimental to customers. Data that falls into the wrong hands can then be misused, for example, to break into credit cards. When that happens, then customers can get a surprise form of bills that suddenly swell.

What is the cause of customer data can leak and then lead to the practice of buying and selling customer data? There are various factors that cause this. One of them is due to double swipe or double swipe credit card or debit when payment transaction in the merchant.

Credit card or debit card should only be swiped once in Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine, no need to swipe again at the cash register. Other causes of data leakage of customers such as online trading on sites that are not trusted. Using a credit card for online shopping is fairly practical, but if not careful, you can experience losses in the future. To stay calm while performing various financial activities, consider some of the following tips.

Shop online at trusted sites

For those who are busy, buying things through the Internet has become a solution to meet various needs. Unfortunately, online shopping also has its drawbacks, including data leaks.

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If you often use credit cards to trade on online shopping sites, you should be more careful. It’s not that you should stop using credit cards to shop online. You just need to be more selective when choosing an online shopping site.

Make sure that the website you spend has a good reputation. One way to find a small padlock icon is to show that the site is safe.

If you receive any suspicious report, please call your bank call center immediately

One of the signs that your credit or debit card has been abused is to record the transaction for which you did not have a transaction. Therefore, please check when viewing the transaction notice and bank statement.

It’s a good idea to save or record proof of a credit or debit card transaction. The purpose is to remind. This way, you can take immediate action when you get a suspicious transaction notification or report. Contact your call center bank for further search.

Be careful with personal information requests

Be careful when someone calls you and confesses from the bank and asks for your personal information. You need to put suspicion if the person is asking something that is confidential.

Remember, do not tell your account number or even your Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your credit and ATM card to that person. Moreover, if the phone number used looks inconclusive, for example by using a personal number.

Monitor transactions in merchants

So when you make a payment on a merchant with a debit or credit card, pay attention to the activity. Do not be off guard and hand over the cards to the maid.

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Take a good look at the process to avoid double carding. Make sure the card slack is only done on the EDC machine. Do not let the waiter do the second bend in the cash register.

Imagine if you do not supervise the process. Easily someone else can take advantage of your card for bad things. So, better prevent than cure. As much as possible, watch the payment process to avoid anything unwanted.

Take good care of smartphones and laptops used for banking transactions

If you often use smartphones and laptops to perform banking transactions, start to be more careful. Change the settings on your bank account stored on your phone to prevent PIN authorization. For a laptop, make sure you also use a password security so that not just anyone can access your data.

Such things will also help secure your data when you become a victim of a smartphone or laptop theft. Imagine the consequences if you carelessly alias does not protect your data well?

Take a good look at PIN security

Do not underestimate the problem of credit card PIN or ATM card. For the sake of long-term security, avoid using PINs that are from your date of birth, as they will be very easily tracked by those who intend to harm you.

Have you ever changed your credit card PIN or ATM card? If not, try to always change the PIN for a certain period of time. And, do not record your credit card or ATM PIN on your phone, because it will be easily known by others.

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