10 The Best Halal Food Restaurant in Japan


10 The Best Halal Food Restaurant in Japan – Hallo, whether you’re a tourist from a country that is majority Muslim and wants to tour in Japan?. You may be having trouble finding halal food to be consumed. But never worry, because you can read this article. To become a reference in the country while visiting Japan.

10 The Best Halal Food Restaurant in Japan

1. Menya Kaijin, Shinjuku, Tokyo

The fish-flavored soup base is light and a healthier option, too. Menya Kaijin is not halal-certified, but the lack of pork dishes in their restaurant makes it Muslim-friendly. Be prepared to queue when you arrive. They also serve up a rice ball with your ramen if preferred.

Leave some broth at the end and throw in the rice-ball to mix. The sauce given with the rice ball will change up the flavour of the broth as well, turning it into another savoury dish to end your meal.

Please note that the chicken topping is not halal corresponding. You can request the staff to remove or exchange them for shrimp instead.

  • May not be halal-certified, but use seafood predominantly in their food. No pork and alcohol served.

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 11am – 3pm (lunch) & 4pm – 11:30pm (dinner)
Sunday & P.H., 11am – 11pm
Address: 2F, 3-35-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Phone: 03-3356-5658

2. Naritaya Osaka Minami, Osaka

Try both their chicken-based broth ramen and soupless ramen (mazeramen), with springy noodles and chicken pieces. Using only natural ingredients, the store has attracted a fair bit of following since their opening. Osaka’s specialty, Yakisoba, is also on the menu as the Osaka-store’s exclusive.

They serve up several spicy chicken options, and curry broth too. This halal food in Japan is definitely not to be missed if you’re a spice-lover. Enjoy croquettes and fried gyoza as your sides while you’re there as well. Naritaya is also available in Asakusa, Tokyo and Gion, Kyoto. Each store has their own samples and exclusive items, do check them out if you’re in the area.

  • Halal-certified, prayer room avail

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 11am – 10pm
Saturday to Sunday, 2pm – 10pm
Address: 1-7-23 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0083
Phone: 06-6281-0133

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3. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka, Shinjuku, Tokyo

This very traditional ramen store uses seafood as its broth base. A standing-area only restaurant, Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka is the perfect spot to enjoy the conventional sit-by-the-bar experience. Small, cosy and run by friendly staff, it is suitable for small groups. Their chicken meatball is no doubt a highlight, and the spicy ramen will seriously give you a kick – beware!

Please note that due to the lack of space in this traditional ramen store, waiting time is expected and reservations, recommended.

  • Halal-certified.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 2pm – 10pm
Friday, 5pm – 10pm
Saturday to Sunday, 12:30pm – 10pm
Address: 1-11-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Phone: 03-5925-8426

Halal Japanese BBQ such as Yakiniku and Wagyu Beef

4. Gyuumon, Shibuya, Tokyo

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Muslim-friendly restaurants in Japan, Gyumon is located in Shibuya. The classic wooden-exterior makes a prelude to the authentic Japanese BBQ experience to come. Drop by after your day’s worth of shopping. With affordable and large portions, Gyumon is the perfect restaurant for your family.

  • Halal-certified. Serves alcohol separately.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 5pm- 4am (last order at 3am)
Saturday to Sunday, 5am – 11pm (last order at 10pm)
Address: 3-14-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 050-5570-3139 (For reservation only)
03-5469-2911 (For inquiry)

5. Gyu-Kaku Akasaka, Tokyo

The popular Japanese BBQ chain ‘Gyu-Kaku’ has now opened up with a halal-meat option down in Akasaka. Enjoy high-quality Japanese beef, as well as seafood and chicken options for the grill.

Not only do they separate the tableware, they also make sure that everything down to their dipping sauce and kimchi are halal-consumable. Do call in to reserve a halal meal at least three days in advance, so they can be fully prepared to serve you halal food in Japan.

  • Halal-certified. Does have non-halal options, but separate tableware for halal and non-halal consumers. No alcohol in halal meat.

Opening hours: 11:30am – 3:00am (last order 2:20am)
Address: 2F Central Akasaka Bld, 3-12-11 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5545-5029

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erving 100% halal Japanese beef, this restaurant in Kyoto serves up different cuts of beef for your tastes. They are situated right next to the Naritaya Ramen, which also serves halal-food.

The price might be higher than others on this list, but considering the quality of the Wagyu beef, it’s a worthy treat. If BBQ is not up your alley, go for their beef rice bowls. Like most restaurants, book in advance for large group.

  • Halal-certified, prayer room available next door.

Opening hour: 11:30am – 2pm, 4pm – 10pm
 422-2 Rinkacho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0062
Phone: 075-744-1350

Halal Japanese Curry Options

7. CoCo Ichibanya Halal Akihabara, Tokyo

Japan’s number 1 curry house chain has officially opened a halal-certified curry restaurant in Japan! Situated in the bustling streets of Akihabara, the restaurant retained the same system as others in the same chain. Painted in a general theme of green, the curry house is easy to spot.

Choose your favourite topping and pick your spice level from 1 to 10. Please note that this is the only halal-certified CoCo Ichibanya, though there have been hopes of them extending this service to other places as well.

  • Halal-certified.

Opening hours: 11am – 10:30pm (last order: 10pm)
Address: Kanda Chiyoda ku Tokyo (Munakata Kaneda) Matsunaga cho 16

8. LA TOQUE, Chiba

Halal-certified, La Toque is found at Narita Airport featuring Japanese curry dishes. Using traditional Japanese ingredients, get a taste of local-styled curry. Comes with several choices of halal-meat. Whether you’ve just arrived in Japan or are catching a flight home, drop by for a hearty meal.

  • Halal-certified.

Opening hours: 7:30am – 8:30pm (last order: 8pm)
Address: Narita Airport, Terminal 2, Main Building, 4th Floor
Phone: 476-34-6193

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Halal Pastries for Afternoon Tea

9. KO-SO CAFE BIORISE, Shibuya, Tokyo

This vegan cafe serves up full meals as well as pastries for a leisure afternoon. Using only organic ingredients, KO-SO Cafe Biorise aims to provide healthy and fresh diets to their patrons. Items on their menu steered towards Western-styles, but they do serve up seasonal specials such as Chestnut pound cakes.

  • Halal-certified, vegetarian only. Alcohol is served  separately.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am – 9:30pm (last order: 9pm)
Saturday to Sunday & P.H., 11:30am – 8pm (last order: 7pm)
Address: 1F, 3-25-3, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0011, Japan
Phone: 03-3409-3405

10. SEKAI CAFE, Asakusa, Tokyo

SEKAI Cafe started with the idea of providing hospitality to everyone in the world, catering to people with dietary restrictions. They serve vegetarian options, serves Muslim-friendly meals and identify allergens on their menu for safe consumption.

They also have English-speaking staff at the cafe, perfect if you need to find out more about the ingredients in the food. Make a prior reservation if you’re heading there in a large group.

  • Halal-certified, prayer room avail. Alcohol is served  separately.

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 10.30am – 8pm
Fri, Sat and days before P.H., 10:30am – 10pm
Closed every second Wednesday of the month
Address: 1-18-8 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032
Phone: 03-6802-7300

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