6 The Best Savings Account  


6 The best savings account   – The success of a person starts planning the smallest, one of which is saving. save to plan the cost of childbirth or go to your favorite university. The best savings accounts must come with great customer service, cutting-edge technology, and higher-than-average interest rates, and they must have low or no cost.

Lifestyle Do More has collected 6 The best savings account  

1.Chase Savings℠


Chase Savings℠ has 2,000+ branches and Mobile-friendly support. As well as good service 24/7, with a bonus of up to $ 150(Requirements to qualify) APY 0.01% With $1 minimum balance.

Why we like it ?

Those who prioritize great customer service and availability of branches when picking a bank might not expect a bonus, too. But banking giant Chase offers a sign-up bonus of $150 to new savings customers who maintain a balance of $10,000 for 90 days. (Read about the Chase bonus requirements.) It lifts Chase into the ranks of banks to consider, despite the underwhelming 0.01% APY it offers on savings deposits (effective 6/15/18; interest rates are variable and subject to change).

The bank gets great user ratings for its mobile banking apps, and J.D. Power has recognized it for customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for a traditional, full-service bank, Chase is a solid choice.

2. Discover (Online Savings)

if you want to open a savings account and there is no Monthly Fee. lifestyle do more would recommend by opening a savings account (Online Savings).  APY 1.80% With $0 minimum balance and Bonus $200 (Requirements to qualify).

Discover Online Savings tops off its 1.80% APY with a $150 or $200 bonus. If you can swing the required deposit of $15,000 or $25,000, respectively, it’s a pretty sweet offer. The savings account has no minimum deposit requirement, plus there’s no monthly maintenance fee.

“To get your $150 or $200 bonus offer: What to do: Apply for your first Discover Online Savings Account by 10/8/18, online or by phone. Enter Offer Code NW918 when applying. Deposit into your account a total of at least $15,000 to earn a $150 bonus or deposit a total of at least $25,000 to earn a $200 bonus by 10/22/18. Maximum bonus eligibility is $200.“What to know: Offer not valid for existing or prior Discover savings customers or existing or prior customers with savings accounts that are co-branded or affinity accounts provided by Discover. Account must be open when bonus is credited. Bonus will be credited to the account by 11/5/18. Bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT. Offer may be modified/withdrawn without notice.”

3. High Yield Savings Account

The High-Yield Savings Account from American Express National Bank pays a stellar APY of 1.80%, among the highest available. And you won’t have to worry about minimum balances or monthly fees. Support is available 24/7 via phone.

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Competitive APY

There are some downsides: American Express currently offers a savings account and certificates of deposit but not a checking account. You can, however, connect up to three external bank accounts to the high-yield savings account. At present, the online bank’s mobile apps are only for credit card holders, which means you’ll need to access your savings account through a web browser.

4. Barclays Bank (online savings)

This online offshoot of the global financial services company offers customers in the United States a high-yield savings account accessible through a streamlined website. There’s no monthly fee or minimum balance requirement. With a 1.85% APY, the interest rate is among the highest out there. Customer service is available by phone and mail.

  • No Monthly Fee
  • Competitive APY
  • APY
    With $1 minimum balance

5. Alliant savings accounts

It’s easy to apply for Alliant membership. Just indicate your support for an Alliant-affiliated nonprofit if you don’t meet the other criteria, and the credit union will make a $5 donation on your behalf. Once you are approved for an account, you’ll have access to Alliant’s services, including more than 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and you’ll pay minimal fees.

  • Competitive APY
  • Live help 24/7
  • Mobile-friendly
  • No Monthly Fee

You can earn an annual percentage yield of 1.80% and skip the $1 monthly fee if you opt out of paper statements. Alliant’s digital tools are a step ahead of those offered by other credit unions, and you can have up to 19 Alliant savings accounts to save for specific goals.


The credit union, however, has only around 10 branches — in California, Colorado, Illinois, Texas and the Washington, D.C., area — and doesn’t participate in shared branching.

6.  Ally Bank  (Online savings)

Ally Bank has one of the best overall digital experiences among online banks. Its website is easy to use, and its mobile apps are compatible not only with Apple and Android devices but also with Windows phones. Ally offers real-time chat support, unlike most of the banks listed here. The 1.85% annual percentage yield on this account is among the best on the market, and there is no monthly fee or minimum deposit requirement.

  • Competitive APY
  • Live help 24/7
  • Mobile-friendly

Ally is a good choice for people who want a top-tier online experience along with a strong interest rate.

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