14 Tips for Making a Narrow Room Look Wider


14 Tips for making a narrow room look wider – Having a narrow house and front yard, sometimes makes it feel uncomfortable. Plus, sometimes friends come to visit. If enlarging the room is not possible, you can use tricks that make your room look wider.

1. Apply bright color

Bright colors in the room will give a wider effect on the room. This is because bright colors can reflect light. While the dark color will absorb light so the room will look narrow. You can apply bright colors not only to the walls but also to the interior of your room such as curtains, tiles, sofas, and so on.

2. Don’t get too tight, between Furniture and Walls

Placing furniture attached to the wall will give a narrow impression on the room. Simply pulling furniture a few

centimeters from the wall will get a broad impression on your room.

3. Paint or Use Wallpaper on the Room Ceiling

Keep using bright colors on the ceiling of your house. Besides that, you can also apply the wallpaper. Everything that attracts your eyes to look up will make the room seem wider. The thing that must be considered is to keep adjusting to the concept of the house that you have set.

4. Use Multifunctional Furniture

How to arrange a narrow room to make it look the next area is to use multifunctional furniture. By applying this, the room will not look crowded full of goods.

5. Adjust the Fitting Furniture

If your room is narrow, a large sofa will be applied to the concept of your room when compared to a small sofa in large quantities. In addition, this will have a broad effect on your room.

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6. Avoid Large Ornaments

The ornament will certainly beautify your room. However, the use of large ornaments will make your room look increasingly narrow. Use a small ornament to give a spacious effect on the room.

7. Arrange your Book place with Neat

There is no harm in placing a bookshelf in the room. The thing you need to pay attention to is the placement and design of the bookshelf. You can organize and classify into a minimalist with a small shelf section. This will make your room look wider than before

8. Use Line Patterns

If you use a carpet, choose a model with lines. This will make your narrow room look longer. Simple things but amazing effects aren’t you?

9. Let the Curtain Open

The next way is to let your curtains open so that light can enter your room. A bright and bright room will make your room more spacious.

10. Customize the Theme of Each Room

Give a theme to each of your rooms. This will make your room wider. Equating the themes in each room will also make the room not lose its identity when viewed from the function.

11. Use Furniture with Legs Under it

The use of feet on each of your furniture can give the impression of a wider roar. This is in line with your expectations, right?

12. Place the Glass Opposite the Window

Putting the glass in the room will make a broad impression. Another thing you need to pay attention to is placing a glass across the window. A view will be seen on the glass so that your room looks like it has two windows. This will make your room look wider.

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13. Using a Carpet to Separate the Room into a Smaller Room

For those of you who have a narrow room, this is highly recommended. These tips will make the room look like a lot of areas in a large room. Very good trick isn’t it?

14. Using Design / Artistic Items

No need to place a lot of items in the room. You can use a large and right artistic design in your room.

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